15 Foods You Need to Consume to Get Rid of Joint Pain

1. Fruits


It is commonly known that fruits contain plenty of vitamins that our body craves, especially our immune system. But there’s more than that.

Grapes: Aside from their flavor, grapes, because of a plant compound that they contain which is called proanthocyanidin, reduce inflammation and joint pain.

Citrus fruits: It is commonly known that our body craves vitamin C, especially our immune system. Oranges, grapefruits, and other citrus fruits are high in vitamin C which helps prevent inflammatory arthritis and joint pains.

Cherries: Cherries, and especially unsweetened tart cherry juice, have been shown to have great results in people suffering from osteoarthritis. A study in women with this disease showed that after drinking tart cherry juice for just 3 weeks, their levels of inflammatory markers were reduced and part of their pain was relieved as well.