Top 10 Warning Signs of Diabetes You Shouldn’t Ignore!

Having a second name as the “silent killer” does not come from just like that; type 2 diabetes symptoms are hard to notice but they are causing really serious health problems. It has been reported by the International Diabete Federation (IDF), that 2 out of 5 Americans are expected to have type 2 diabetes in their lifetime, and 425 million adults were living with it!

Not only adults are concerned with this, the statistics show 1.25 million children have type 1 diabetes, so parents should keep an eye of their children, watch their sleeping and eating habits and do their best to diagnose their kids and take action in early type 1 diabetes stages!

Our bodies react in a way that we can notice and take action before it is too late! The best way to tell if you have type 2 diabetes is to take a blood sugar tests, as some symptoms may not show or can be hard to tell! In the other hand, people over 35 should undergo an initial diabetes test because the risk of getting the disease increases with age.

Here are the Top 10 Warning Signs of Type 2 Diabetes You Shouldn’t Ignore:

Some symptoms if ignored might cause blindness or nerve damage…

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